SCHOMA - Christoph Schottler GmbH, Germany

Manufacturer of Locomotives (max. 80 tons / 600 KW).
Schoma tunnel locomotives, Standard gauge shunting and service locomotives, Narrow gauge locomotives for special purpose
  • Technical support on site
  • Worldwide spare parts supply
  • Repair and overhauling works
  • Second hand locomotives, fully refurbished and overhauled

Tunnel Locomotives
Schoma tunnel locomotives are equipped with diesel engines complying with the actual regulations for exhaust emissions. They are available in the range 5-60 tonnes and diesel engines up to 400 kW (540HP), offered for all common track gauges.

They are equipped with hydrodynamic (torque converter / powershift) or hydrostatic transmissions.The locomotives are fully customised.

Schoma also offers environmentally compatible battery powered locomotives in the range of 5 to 15 tonnes and track gauge of 600 to 900 mm. The electrical drive power varies from 30 to 70 kW.

Various types of special equipment and functions can be provided, such as:

  • Reduction of exhaust emissions (particulate filter, catalytic converter)
  • Operation in multi traction (coupled and synchronised to be operated by one driver)
  • Wheel slide detection
  • Electronic control with integrated gear shifting and brake control
  • Video system with cables or wireless
  • Auxiliary drives (to operate coupled mortar mixers etc.)
  • Air conditioning for driver´s cabin
  • Fire suppression system
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