DATWYLER Sealing Technologies, Germany
Gaskets used for sealing joints between segments of Tunnel lining
K.-H. Muhlhauser GmbH, Germany
Special appliances conveyed on rails for tunnelling projects, such as, Muck Cars, Remixers, Unicar for mortar and concrete, segment cars, self dischargers, men riding cars, etc...
OCMER CO. srl, Italy
Rotor type shotcrete machines for spraying of wet, semi-wet and dry concrete.
SCHOMA - Christoph Schottler GmbH, Germany
Diesel Locomotives for underground use.
SG Electrical Equipment Suppliers & Manufacturing Pte Ltd, Singapore
Total electrical systems for underground works
Nanchang Kama Co. Ltd., China
Mounted Snow Blowers for Airports, Highways, Snow bound projects.
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