K.-H. Muhlhauser GmbH, Germany

MÜHLHÄUSER – worldwide leader in transportation engineering for tunnelling.
Haulage equipment, supply cars, service cars and accessories – expertise in all transportation requirements of tunnel construction allows for a high degree of flexibility.
All projects profit from tailor-made construction, resulting in equipment and services that work in perfect harmony. Precision work for maximum performance.

Mühlhäuser’s already specialized equipment is tailored to each specific project for the optimal transportation of all types of material, whether for supplying or disposal, and in both conventional and mechanized tunnelling.

Putting ideas into practice for design and construction of tunnelling vehicles has been MÜHLHÄUSER mission for close to a century. One significant factor in the world-renowned performance of MÜHLHÄUSER products is their exceptional high quality based on oversized components.

This represents a vital reserve capacity in terms of safety and workload even under the most extreme conditions.In addition, the wide range of products backed by the rental fleet allows for the highest degree of availability, even for special and short-term requirements.
Haulage, supply systems, service equipment, accessories – made to measure for maximum transportation performance and operating periods.
  • Selfdischargers from 2 m³ up to 25 m³, patented MÜHLHÄUSER design, now the global standard.
  • Rotacars for discharge in the rota discharger up to 30 m³.
  • Floorshaft cars from 2 m³ up to 30 m³ capacity.
  • Hydrodischarger up to 30 m³.
MÜHLHÄUSER supplies the whole range of compatible supply cars for railway tunnelling in all the necessary designs and configurations, tailored to your needs on site.
Projects worldwide rely on
  • concrete remixers
  • silo cars
  • aggregate-, cement- and shotcrete cars
  • grout cars
  • segment and platform cars
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