DATWYLER Sealing Technologies, Germany

Datwyler is a leading international specialist in rubber technology. They deliver high quality, high-tech products custom designed to provide innovative sealing, insulation and vibration control solutions that contribute to our customers’ success in their markets.
As a global development partner, Datwyler is a recognised component maker for the automotive supply, construction and other industries.

Quality products and services
Datwyler's moulded rubber parts and seals are made to meet the highest standards of safety and reliability. Datwyler is dedicated to producing components that help to make innovative systems work. Seals and gaskets for building construction and civil engineering: extruded products from Datwyler are successfully used in more than 100 tunnels on five continents and in many well-known buildings.
Tunnel segment gaskets and hydrophilic seals
The sealing systems are developed specifically to suit the requirements of each tunnel. Datwyler can offer compression gaskets and hydrophilic seals in combination as primary and secondary seals or as co-extruded solutions. Datwyler holds a number of international patents for these products.

Joint seals
Datwyler’s permanently elastic profiles are highly adaptable, providing non-ageing, weather resistant seals for joints. Profiles for drainage are used for sealing joints later on. Working hand in hand with our customers, they develop new profiles for refurbishment projects.

Pipe seals
The material and shape of these products are tailored to the specific application to ensure absolute reliability.

Used in more than 100 tunnels on five continents
Seals and gaskets from Datwyler are being successfully used in more than 100 tunnels on five continents. The rubber profiles make tunnels watertight, playing an important role in ensuring safety and protecting electromechanical equipment.
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